Shipping & Delivery


When payment is made, we will email you a copy of the invoice. Since we are a dealer of all the brands that we are selling, this is your proof of purchase which is all that is needed for warranty purposes. You can also use this copy to submit any applicable rebates. The rebate forms can normally be downloaded from the rebate section of our website.

Unless it is very clearly stated otherwise, we ship only brand new appliances shipped in their unopened original boxes with full factory warranty. Large freight items will be strapped to a pallet for a safe shipment. Products are labeled and loaded on a truck with a forklift. On the day that they are shipped we email you a tracking number so you can follow the shipment and know what day to expect it. When you receive the items, we ask that you cut the band, raise the box, and inspect for damage. In the very unlikely event that there is damage, you will have the option to refuse the shipment or contact us to solve the problem. You do not have to pay extra for insurance. We will handle all damage claims that are found BEFORE signing for the items.

NOTE: It is very important that the items are inspected at the time they are received.

Here is a copy of our shipping policy that we will require your agreement on before shipping:

Buy-Appliances Shipping Policy

In order to insure that the shipment of your appliance(s) goes smoothly we do require that you reply to this email with your approval before we ship. Faxing is not necessary. Just hit reply to this email, go into the body of this email below, fill out the appropriate places about ship to location and inspecting and then send.


Below is the address your purchase will be shipped to:

Is this the location you want your order to ship to? (Y, N)______________ 

If you want it shipped to another location, keep in mind that shipping to a residential location will cost extra, enter it here:

Note: If your order is shipped to a freight terminal the freight company requires that the order to be picked up within 48 hours of arrival.

Shipping insurance is not required. We have very little shipping damage. However, it can happen. In order to protect YOU and please read the below and agree by typing in your name and phone numbers below:

I do understand that the appliance(s) will need to be opened fully and inspected at the time they are received. I understand that if there is damage I will try to contact Fredericksons at 866-383-7992. If there is any damage the bill of lading will have to be noted as “damaged” or the damaged appliance can be refused. I understand that if the appliance(s) are not opened and inspected and damage is found at a later time, I will not hold Fredericksons or the freight company responsible but I will call on Fredericksons to help as much as they can. The receiving signature without damage noted usually relieves the freight company of all damage claims.

To agree to this statement please type name here and send: _______________

Daytime phone number: ___________________________________________

Daytime phone number: ___________________________________________

Note: It may be helpful to have a pair of pliers and box cutters at the time of receiving (or pickup).  

Regardless of the situation, if there is a problem, we will always want to help. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.