About Buy-Appliances.Com


It can sometimes be a little uncomfortable buying over the Internet from people that you don’t know, especially if it’s a major purchase such as luxury appliances.

We want our customers to be as comfortable with the purchase as possible so we can show you how smooth the whole process can be. To know more about us here are a few things to consider:

As you probably know, eBay has a very good way of keeping up a seller’s reputation and that’s their feedback program. All buyers and sellers have a chance to leave a comment about the person they have done business with. We are very proud of our feedback rating on eBay. Click here to see what our customers say about us.

Our company store is called Fredericksons Tire and Appliances and has been in business in Sheffield, Alabama since 1946.

To see that we are a dealer of the different brands that we sell, you can go to their websites such as www.GEappliances.com and click on “where to buy” or “find a dealer”. Then enter in our zip code of 35660 and you will see us listed in good standing. Under the GE brand we are even listed as a “Showcase Dealer” which is their highest level.

You can always call us during normal business hours and talk to a live person.

Just call toll free at 866-383-7992 and ask for the Internet department. Let our trained staff help you feel comfortable about buying on the Internet.